Assam Mathematics Olympiad 2022




The state level mathematics competition, Assam Mathematics Olympiad 2022, which is being annually conducted by the Assam Academy of Mathematics, will be held this year on August 21, 2022, in its 47 exam centres in the state. The competition will be held in three categories, namely, category I (classes V and VI), category II (classes VII and VIII) and category III (classes IX, X and XI).

The interested candidates will have to apply in a prescribed form and submit to the coordinator of the desired exam centre with exam fees of Rs.150.00 (one fifty only).

The application for is available with all the centre coordinators and in AAM website

The last date for submission of the Application form is extended to August 11, 2022. Visit the AAM website for any information related to the competition.

For syllabus and samples of past question papers, students may visit


Few top position holders in all the categories will be awarded cash prizes and certificates. Also, subject to attaining minimum standard of marks Academy may consider awarding few certificates of merit and appreciation respectively in each category.

Contact Information:

1. Officer-in-charge of the respective centre (

2. Dr. Debashish Sharma, Convener, AMO 2022, e-mail :

3. Dr. Parama Dutta, Convener, AMO 2022, e-mail:

4. Dr. Ashish Paul, General Secretary, AAM, e-mail:





Team, AMO 2022

Assam Academy of Mathematics





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