Instructions For Appearing AMO 2020

Dear students,

Thank you for showing your interest in Assam Mathematics Olympiad 2020 to be held on 16th August 2020. Please note the following rules for appearing the exam: 

    1. Please make sure that you use the same email id that you entered while registering for the exam. That's precisely the email id where you are receiving this email. Make sure that you also know its password as you will be asked to login to your email account when you click the test link that will be provided in AAM website ( just a few minutes before the test begins at 11am on 16th August 2020.
    2. You may appear for the test through mobile or computer. It is preferable to use Google Chrome browser. If the test opens in any other browser, then copy the link and paste it in the address bar of Google Chrome browser.
    3. After clicking the exam link in AAM website, a page will ask you to enter your email id. Once you do that, your unique exam link will be mailed to the same email address.  Check your email and click on the new link to begin your test. If you do not find any email then check your Spam folder. If it's not there in Spam folder also, then please send a message, mentioning your name and email id,  via whatsapp (9706535995 - Please save this number for easy access) or via email ( so that we can send you the link manually.
    4. The exam is of 60 minutes duration. As soon as you begin the exam, you will see a countdown timer. It will help you to keep track of the time. The timer will be intentionally set to more than 60 minutes (say 65 minutes) keeping in mind the possibility of network errors. PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT  BUTTON IN TIME. Otherwise, the exam portal will close as soon as the time is over and your answers will not be recorded.
    5. There will be 20 questions. You are to solve them on a sheet of paper. The final answer to each question will be an integer between 0 and 99. You need to enter only  the final answer in the space provided after each question. The total marks for the exam is 100 and there is no negative marking.
    6. There will be a field called Submission ID which will be auto-generated. Please do not make any changes there.
    7. The results  and solutions of the problems will be announced within a week after the exam. Keep checking the website.   

The rules are illustrated in the following video :