Ganit Bikash


              The December 1986 general meeting decided to publish a six monthly bilingual(Assamese and English) popular magazine on Mathematics named Ganit Bikash catering to the needs and interests of students and teachers in particular, and all lovers of Mathematics in general. The first. volume of Ganit Bikash edited by Dr Amala Bezboruah was published right on time and it was released during the first Annual Congress of the Academy held on 18, 19 July 1987.  Since then the Ganit Bikash has appeared regularly twice a year and the 65th nad 66th volume have just come out of the press. It is indeed gratifying for us to observe that the Ganit Bikash has been able to generate wide and intense interest in mathematical study among readers inside and outside the state, and it has gone a long way towards popularizing mathematics in fulfillment of the objectives of the Academy.


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Volume 68 (January-March, 2021)  

Volume 67(July-December, 2020) 

Volume 65(July-December, 2019) and 66(January-June, 2020)